Character: Sarah
Created by: Adam Rifkin
Directed by: Christopher Coppola, Richard Elfman, Adam Rifkin
Written by: Carl V. Dupré, Adam Rifkin, Michele Rifkin, Alex Zamm, Matthew Bates
Produced by: Fred Silverman
Other cast: Esteban Powell, Trey Alexander
Premiere date: September 7, 1996
Episodes: Appeared in most episodes
Episode title: Art Intimidates Life, Back to School, Frankenturky, Mummy Dearest, Charlotte's Revenge, Root of All Evil, Edgar Allan Poe-Session, Shmendel's Comet, Full Moon Goon
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Running time: 30 min

Edgar Allen Poe High School is one scary place to go through the trials and tribulations of youth. Each week, students are confronted with monsters (Mummies, Giant Frogs), as well as horrible cafeteria food.